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About Dr. Sarah

Naturopathic doctor Sarah Cimperman is an​ expert in ​natural medicine. She received her degree from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, in 2002. NCNM is the oldest accredited college of naturopathic medicine in the United States and trains holistic primary care physicians as practitioners of the most comprehensive of alternative medicine disciplines.

Dr. Sarah is the author of The Prediabetes Detox: A Whole-Body Program to Balance Your Blood Sugar, Increase Energy, and Reduce Sugar Cravings. Her articles and expertise have been featured on the Fox News network, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, the Five To Thrive Live radio show on the Cancer Support Network, Natural Health magazine​, Whole Living​ magazine, The Natural Path, the Well Being Journal, and Wisdom magazine, among other publications.

She writes two blogs, A Different Kind of Doctor, where she weighs in on current topics in health and wellness, and The Naturopathic Gourmet, where she posts healthy, original recipes.

In her private practice in Manhattan, Dr. Sarah consults with women, men, and children of all ages. She takes the time to really listen to every patient, fully understand complex issues, identify underlying causes of illness, and gain a true understanding of the whole person. She educates her patients about alternative and adjunctive options to conventional drugs and medical procedures, and supports them fully in their decisions. ​

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