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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vote for Licensure of Naturopathic Doctors in New York

So far, naturopathic doctors are licensed in 15 states and the District of Columbia, but not yet in New York.

Let's change that.

The New York Assembly Bill 1370 to license naturopathic doctors is up for a vote.

Please contact your New York assembly members by Wednesday and tell them to support a vote on the bill.

Capwiz makes it quick and easy to send a letter to your legislators. Click the link below and enter your name and New York address at the bottom of the letter. The email will automatically be sent to the assembly members who represent you. You can send one letter for each New York address, so if you have more than one address, send more than one letter. Ask your family and friends to use Capwiz too.

NY Assembly Bill 1370 intends to expand access to natural medicine by licensing naturopathic doctors to diagnose and treat under a defined scope of practice. The bill will clarify the use of the title "Naturopathic Doctor." It will NOT impact the practice of other providers.

What will the licensure bill do?
  • Provide New Yorkers with safe and effective natural medicine by licensed naturopathic doctors with physician-level training
  • Protect the public by defining educational standards, scope of practice and professional oversight for naturopathic doctors
  • Allow naturopathic doctors to offer services they are trained to provide: perform exams, order lab tests, diagnose conditions, implement treatment
  • Increase the likelihood that insurance companies will cover naturopathic care
  • Increase access to primary care physicians
  • Lower long-term health care costs through the prevention of disease and the utilization of less expensive treatments
How can you help?
  • Use Capwiz to contact your legislators and express your support for naturopathic medicine. Capwiz makes it quick and easy to send a letter to your legislator. Go to the website of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physician and click "Take Action" on the menu at the left, then enter your address and select text or add your own. Ask your family and friends to use Capwiz too.
  • Mail a letter, make a telephone call or visit your legislator's office in person. The NYANP will even help you plan your visit (email
  • Join the NYANP's VIP Program. The Very Important Participant Program is a group of supporters who are ready to email/fax/call legislators when the time is right. Email to join or request more information.
  • Provide financial support. Donate what you can to support the NYANP's licensure efforts, whether you are able to give $5 or $500 or more. As a contributor you will receive the NYANP e-newsletter, which includes an update on the licensure effort. Corporate sponsorship is also available.
  • Inform others. Tell your friends and family about Naturopathic Medicine and the licensure effort.

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