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Monday, September 27, 2010


“There’s no denying that shrinking our health care system will cause dislocation among workers and lower profits for some sectors of the medical industry. But America’s industries are undergoing constant change, and in any other arena of our economy we would never tolerate the degree of waste and inefficiency and lack of accountability that’s rife in health care.”  (Page 302)

In her compelling and eye-opening book, Overtreated, award-winning journalist Shannon Brownlee investigates the US health care system and demonstrates how too many tests and treatments are not just unnecessary and sometimes dangerous, but they are the root cause of escalating health care costs. She explores the history of our current health care system to explain how we ended up in such a mess.

Her message is also a hopeful one. Brownlee takes readers inside model systems like the Mayo Clinic to demonstrate how good health care can be. It really is possible to improve the quality of care while controlling costs and extending health insurance to the uninsured. This book is a page-turner that should be required reading for doctors, patients and lawmakers alike.

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