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Sunday, August 7, 2011

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"Being a locavore in the twentieth-first century isn’t about the back-to-the-land movement of my parents’ generation or being a slave to the kitchen as my grandmother had to be. It’s about a partnership with the farmers and the ecosystems that feed me." (Page 8)

In The Locavore’s Handbook, Leda Meredith tells readers how and why to eat local, and she discusses her own experience with a 250-mile diet. She devotes an entire chapter to "The Single Locavore" and another to "The Space-Challenged Locavore" (New Yorkers take note).

Other topics include cost and convenience, growing your own food (the zero-mile diet), foraging, and even simple food preservation. I'm looking forward to making the Lacto-Fermented Snap Beans on page 141.

This is book an excellent guide for anyone wanting to eat more local foods. And in a country where one in five gallons of fuel is used for industrial agriculture, everyone should want to eat more local foods.

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