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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green Housekeeping;%20margin:0px%20%21important;Ellen Sandbeck is an expert on non-toxic cleaning and environmentally-friendly home maintenance and every home should have a copy of her book, Green Housekeeping.

Inside she takes you on a tour of your home, points out sources of possible pollution, suggests smart solutions, and explains timesaving techniques to keep every room in your home in good order.

Sandbeck covers chemical-free cleaning and basic home upkeep, from unclogging drains and removing soap scum to purchasing paint and cleaning up computer spills.

She explains how to remove water rings from wooden surfaces with just vinegar and olive oil, how to clean fine handmade rugs using only snow, and how to have a sparkling clean bathroom with only ten minutes of effort per week.

Sandbeck can sum up her strategy in a few simple sentences:

"Evaluate the situations; work with what you have; don't make extra work for yourself; and as much as possible, avoid the use of toxic chemicals."

I completely agree!

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