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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chocolate Toothpaste Strengthens Teeth

Tooth enamel can wears thin when we drink too many acidic beverages. This causes the underlying dentin to become exposed and teeth to become sensitive.

A new study found that using toothpaste containing theobromine, a compound found in chocolate, was more effective at repairing tooth enamel than Colgate or Sensodyne.

Researchers investigated its effects on strengthening tooth enamel and remineralizing exposed dentin in the form of a toothpaste called Theodent, which also contained calcium and phosphate.

Researchers believe that theobromine rebuilds dental enamel by increasing the growth of hydroxyapatite, a mineral complex made of calcium, phosphate, and hydroxide. Teeth are 96% hydroxyapatite.

In a double-blind, randomized clinical trial, 80 people used one of four toothpastes twice daily for 7 days: Theodent with fluoride, Theodent without fluoride, Sensodyne Nupro 5000, and Colgate. After only one day, both Theodent toothpastes had achieved 90% coverage compared to only 43% with Sensodyne and about 3% with Colgate.

The efficacy of Sensodyne increased with usage but by the end of the study, the percentage of remineralization after using the Theodent toothpastes was significantly higher compared to that achieved using either Sensodyne or Colgate. The presence of fluoride did not make Theodent more effective.

Adding an extract from chocolate to toothpastes is not only an effective way to protect tooth enamel, but it's also likely to decrease tooth sensitivity. And unlike fluoridated toothpastes, theobromine is not harmful if swallowed.

Fluoride has been promoted as a way to protect teeth and prevent cavities, but too much can cause dental fluorosis, a condition characterized by the spotting, staining, and pitting of teeth. Fluoride has also been found to act as a hormone disruptor with adverse effects on the brain, thyroid gland, bones, and blood sugar metabolism.


Adam Cherson said...

Hi Dr. Cimperman, My question is slightly off topic to this post but I wonder if you may have anything to say about the Zevia soda brand in terms of tooth decay and its effect on blood sugar generally. I've tried a few of the flavors and am favorably impressed. I'd like to know if it is healthy for me to keep consuming this product.

Daniel Wright said...

Chocolate toothpaste is good news especially for those people who like chocolate. I wonder if the toothpaste has no sugar ingredients. I guess it is good because chocolate toothpaste is natural and organic. I guess I should find alternative to replace fluoride toothpaste. I should check this product on online shops.

Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND said...

Hi Adam,
Zevia soda may be a better choice than other sodas but they still contain flavoring, coloring, and sugar alcohols. Anything that tastes sweet, regardless of whether it contains calories, can raise insulin levels. When insulin levels are elevated frequently or for prolonged periods of time, it increases the risk for chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Water is always the best beverage. Unsweetened tea (especially green and white) are second best.
Dr. Sarah