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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Untold Story of Milk,%20Revised%20and%20Updated:%20The%20History,%20Politics%20and%20Science%20of%20Nature%27s%20Perfect%20Food:%20Raw%20Milk%20from%20Pasture-Fed%20Cows%3C/a%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22!important;%20margin:0px%20!important;

The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid discusses the history, politics, and science of raw milk.

He explains why whole raw milk from grass-fed cows actually helps prevent food-borne illness and why pasteurization increases the risk of outbreaks and atopic illnesses like allergies and asthma.

According to his research, "you'd have to drink over three million glasses of raw milk before you might expect to get an illness of any kind" and "you are over 2,500 times more likely to contract illness from other foods than from raw milk."

Dr. Schmid explains why whole milk, even if it's pasteurized, is healthier than low-fat versions and why feeding grains to cows can be linked to a "million-fold" increase in E. coli bacteria. He also discusses the benefits of lacto-fermented foods and includes recipes for home-made yogurt, cheese, and ice cream.

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