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Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Detox is NOT

Detox products and protocols are everywhere these days, from raw food and vegan diets to foot baths and body wraps.

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body and it can only happen when the body is burning fat for energy, whether we eat meat or not, whether we eat vegetables raw or cooked, and whether or not we bath our feet and our bodies in special solutions.

Unless insulin levels remain low and sugar isn't widely available, the body will always store fat and fat-soluble toxins, never release them. If toxins aren't released from their storage sites, they can't be removed from the body.

Simply eating raw food, adopting a vegan diet, soaking your feet, or nourishing your skin is not detoxification. These things may be good for you (or not) and they may help minimize your exposure to toxins, but they don't detoxify your body.

Due to poor design, some detox products and protocols actually discourage detoxification by including foods, drinks, and/or supplements that raise blood sugar levels. Juice, whole grains, starchy fruits and vegetables, and products containing natural and artificial sweeteners increase blood sugar and insulin levels, causing fat and toxins to be stored rather than released.

If you're interested in detoxification, remember that some products were designed more for marketing purposes than effectiveness. For optimal results, find a naturopathic doctor who guide you through a safe and effective detox program individualized to meet your needs and goals.

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