How to Find Your Perfect Water Filter

More than 50 million people in the United States drink polluted water. In fact, US drinking water has been found to contain more than 300 contaminants and more than half of them are not subject to safety guidelines. Forty-nine chemicals that are regulated have been found to exceed safety limits.

Halloween Healthy Treats

This Halloween, choose healthier treats. Give trick-or-treaters something to encourage activity or creativity, like finger puppets, yo-yos, small games, coloring books, colored pencils, or Halloween-themed stickers, notepads, or erasers.

If you want to give out edibles, pick sturdy fresh fruit like apples or oranges, boxes of raisins, single servings of raw almonds, individually-wrapped string cheese, or 100% xylitol-sweetened candy.

Naturopathic Medicine Week

The United States Senate declared October 6th through 12th to be Naturopathic Medicine Week as a way to recognize "the value of naturopathic medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care" and the role that naturopathic doctors play in "preventing chronic and debilitating illnesses and conditions."