Vitamin D: Should We Get it From Food, Supplements, or the Sun?

A new study found that vitamin D levels made a difference in the survival of patients with advanced colorectal cancer. The individuals who had higher levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream before they were treated with chemotherapy and biologic drugs lived longer, on average, compared to people with lower levels of vitamin D.

There's no doubt that vitamin D is important. It's a key nutrient for several systems in the body including the cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems. And it regulates the activity of more than 3,000 different genes. Many people are deficient in vitamin D and for them the question is: Should it come from food, supplements, or the sun?

Natural and Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning

Cleaning products can contain dangerous chemicals that are often unlisted. In the United States, manufacturers are not required to disclose all of a product’s ingredients on the label, which makes it very difficult to evaluate their safety.