5 Ways to Relax Right Now

Relaxation is an important part of reversing prediabetes, staying healthy, and reducing the risk of some of the deadliest diseases in the United States including type two diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. When I bring up the subject of relaxation with my patients, they often tell me they’re too busy to relax. It takes too much time. They don’t know how. It doesn’t come naturally to them.

They would prefer to take a supplement and get on with their day, but that’s exactly why I recommend relaxation. Because it isn’t about taking something, it’s about doing something, and because people who think they have no time to relax are usually the ones who have the most to gain from trying it.

Detox Facts and Fiction

Detox products and protocols are increasingly popular, from raw food and vegan diets to footbaths and body wraps. These things may be good for us (or not) and they may reduce our exposure to toxins, but they don’t detoxify our bodies. A basic understanding of what detox is and what it isn’t can clear up any misconceptions.